Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Winter Wonderland - Just West of Chicago

Hello!  Are you snowed in??  Well, yesterday in our online Morning Chat group, many of us were snowed in...  after many comments about the weather, (and about yesterday's Green Duos blog hop), we decided to do a "weather hop" !  So, you may have hopped by from Robbie's House, in Hollywood, Maryland.  At the time of the chat, she just had a lot of wind... I can't wait to see what came of it.

So here is my house from the front
and out the back door in the evening
and,  "no game today"
and, last but not least... the view from my chair here in my studio (pardon my mess)

 Now lets hop on over to Carol's House, in Schellsburg, PA
Be safe. but if you are able, shovel your neighbors walk, or brush off a stranger's car for them!  You will make their day!


  1. Amanda, looks like you got the same as we did! And by the way, your home is gorgeous!!! I LOVE victorian anything! Hugs

  2. Beautiful snow. Beautiful home. The first pic looks like a Christmas card. Your snow looks about like what we got here. Stay warm.

  3. Wow fabulous pics. Wish some of that snow had come my way.


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