Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crafty Guest Stamper!!

I am going to make this speedy, because my after-surgery helpers may enter at any minute and bust me doing "work". If they only understood that art is healing, not work, then we'd do much better!!  

I have a picture if a card made from a customer and a crafty friend, Martha Coronado!  She doesn't have a website yet where you can go see more of her work, but we'll be getting that going here in short order!  In any case, when we met for coffee last weekend, she showed me an adorable card she had just made...  Although it isNOT Stampin' up! It is just so cute I asked if I could feature it!

This technique is called a "napkin card", and the background you see isn't just paper, it is really a napkin!!   Oooh, I'm in love!  Check it out here:
If you love it too, please post a comment for her and I will forward it to her!
Please stop back tomorrow and see how we'll I can craft while laying on my back with my leg in the air!!


  1. Lovely card Martha... Can't wait to hear more about the technique. xoxo, m.e.

  2. This card is beautiful, Martha. How is it done? I've used napkins a time or two with disastrous effects. Would love to hear how this turned out so pretty.


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