Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Coloring Down the Lines - Something new!

Welcome to Wednesday!  If you are joining the hop from Robbie, then you know we have changed it up a bit - if you are starting here, don't worry, I will explain everything, and if you keep following the hop you will circle right back to Robbie

We were all feeling that this spring we would all like to try something new.  Robbie found this great site that has photographs with the color palate listed, that we should use for inspiration... Here is the photo and palate:

So - before I show you, I have to ask... have you ever said something and then realized when you heard your words that it sounded better in your head?  Well, that is this card for me...  This picture was soft in focus and seemed very Monet-esque to me... that is what I was shooting for with my card - felt better in my head, but I think I will keep trying because I think this effect has potential with a more experienced hand!  Here it is:
I was okay with the sky and the grass, the diffused yellow for sun was okay, then I added the butterflies...  I inked the stamp, then spritzed it with water (as I had done with the flowers), but the ink was too dark and the stamp I chose was too detailed for this...  I will keep trying! 
Meanwhile, hop on to Carols' blog and see what she's got for you - again, hang in there, this is new to all of us... we'll get the hang of it!

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