Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Coloring Down the Lines - Sandy's choice!

Hello and happy Wednesday!  Today's blog hop challenge is based on a selection Sandy made - with the added feature of a "cut out"... I wasn't sure what exactly this meant, so I used a die!  If you started with Robbie, then you are right on track, but if you are starting here, don't worry...  You can just follow the links and you will hop around the horn...
Here is the picture and matching Stampin' Up! color pallete that coordinates!

 I loved the swirly effect, and knew right away that this was the perfect opportunity to use a favorite technique - Shaving Cream... Also, I promised my oldest two children that if they would work hard and get their Black Belts in Karate, that I would start taking classes too... well, they did, so I now take it too... I am just a yellow belt now, but I love every minute...  I really needed a nametag for my karate bag, so I used the shaving cream technique on our Canvas Creations to make it stronger.
 And here is

 And for the back, I used my personalized stamp that Stampin' Up! makes to order...  this picture is small, but it says Our Crafty Playdate!

And when I finished, I knew that my shaving cream still had a bit of life left in it, so I made the following two panels.. by the time I pulled the second extra panel out of the cream, the color was really beginning to be too homogeneous to continue. These are horrible pictures, but you get the idea!

Now hop along to see what Carol has for us today!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my word, this is just too creative! What an inspiration you are. Love the tag, and so appropriate for your journey with Karate. The swirls are so pretty and the panels will certainly look beautiful on future creations.

  2. I wrote my comment and then read Sandy's and I was shocked because the vocabulary was exact so I had to erase it so let me shout out...... STINKIN CREATIVE!


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