Thursday, August 13, 2015

Christmas Card club

Are you ready for the Holidays?  Of course not, not yet anyway, and why should you be?  It is only August afterall.  Well, I can answer that!  It is sneaky, that busy holiday season!  It will sneak right up on you, and all of those great intentions you have to make all of your own handmade cards will go right out the window again this year.  But they don't have to...

Welcome to the Christmas Card Club!

We will meet the third Tuesday night (or following day, Wednesday afternoon) of each month, for four months, August through November.  At each meeting we will make 12 handmade holiday cards - 4 each of 3 different designs.  By the end of the November meeting, you will have made 48 cards (4 each of 12 different styles) and be ready to put them in the mail ~ BEFORE THANKSGIVING.  You can spare one night a month, right?  If you would like more information about this club, click HERE.  Register right away!  You don't want to miss a single month!

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