Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Coloring Down the Lines - My interest in Pinterest!!

Good morning!  Today in our blog hop we are doing something fun and different!  We were all supposed to find something on Pinterest that inspired us, and CASE it!  Well, you would think that would be easy - because don't we all have a million cards pinned?  But which one to make... now that was the sticking point!

Not so hard once I saw this card by Anne Schach.  This card just screamed elegance to me!

 I love the hidden detailed dragonfly beneath the stamped one... such a shiny surprise!  You can just barely see it peeking out from the underside in the photo below!

  I did make some alterations - I removed a few layers, omitted some gold thread, and changed the shape from square to a normal sized card so that it would fit in a regular envelope - that just fits my needs better!  I hope you love this card as much as I do, and I hope you find something on Pinterest that inspires you to create!  If you want to follow me there, you can click right here!!

Thanks for stopping by!  Now be sure to hop along to Helen - she's got something to show you too!  Be sure to come back here tomorrow to check out our feature focus project hop!  We have some new folks joining us!

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