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New Clubs beginning now! - be the first to join and pick your "hostess" month!

New!  You’ve been asking for this, and I have listened!  Our Crafty Playdate is now offering you a way to purchase the Stampin’ Up! Products you love, in small, monthly orders and STILL earn Hostess benefits!  This is great for your budget!

Here’s how it works:

·         Each club is limited to 6 people, and is a six month commitment – you can gather your friends to participate, or I will add you to an established group.
·         The cost of the club is $40 per month, from which you will receive $25 worth of catalog merchandise of your choosing. There will be two classes held each month, one daytime and one evening, and you are welcome to come to either – just let me know.  If you choose to place a catalog order at the time of the class, you will receive a $10 credit toward your merchandise (tax and shipping not included). The additional $5 is used to cover the tax and shipping of your regular monthly order.  This makes your class essentially free!  Whether or not you choose to attend the class is up to you, but you will still receive the project kit (minus any stamped images per Stampin’ Up! policy).   If you choose NOT to place an additional order (either in person, or via email) by the time of the class, you forfeit the $10 additional order benefit.  Orders will be available for pick up during class, (or other time by arrangement).

·         When you enroll, you will be entitled to “draw” the month for which you will be the hostess.  During your “hostess” month, you will enjoy some bonus fun!  You will pick the featured item for the class project* from any of the current catalogs.  You will also be guaranteed at least $15 hostess” dollars during your month – these come from the sales commitments of your fellow club members.  If their orders exceed the regular $15 amounts, the additional hostess dollars earned from that goes to Our Crafty Playdate to offset the cost of the class projects.  You are, however, both welcome and encouraged to order additional merchandise yourself, or gather outside orders during your hostess month to help build the amount of hostess dollars for which you qualify.  The schedule of hostess dollars and other hostess benefits is available in each catalog.  If you collect at least $100 in outside orders before your hostess order deadline (below), in addition to gaining extra hostess dollars, you will be entitled to pick a stamp set out of my retired stamp basket!


Club participant:
Your $25 catalog merchandise order is due by the 5th of each month.  If you fail to contact me with your order, I will place an “emergency” order on your behalf, which will be agreed upon at the time of your enrollment. 
Your $25 catalog merchandise order, AND your hostess dollars order (as well as any outside orders you may have collected) are due by the 8th of your hostess month.  Remember, outside sales will increase the amount of hostess dollars to which you are entitled, AND possibly even get you an extra stamp set from me!

I understand that by signing this form, I am committing to six months of club membership, of which, one month I will be considered the “hostess” and receive entitled hostess benefits. I agree to submit my catalog order by the established deadline (5th of every month other than my hostess month,  or 8th of the month when I am the hostess). If I fail to submit my order by these deadlines, I authorize Amanda Frankel (Our Crafty Playdate) to place my “emergency order” on my behalf.   I understand that my credit card will not be billed (or my check cashed) before the 8th of each month. I understand that I am able to change my form of payment, should I choose to, as long as this is done before the order deadline of each month.  If I do not change it by the deadline, I understand that the form of payment that I selected at the time of enrollment will be used to place my order.   I understand that I am entitled to attend the Hostess Club class each month, but if I choose not to, or am unable to attend the class, I am entitled to receive the kitted project (minus stamped images per Stampin’Up! policy).  If I choose to place a catalog order during or prior to the class, I am entitled to a $10 merchandise credit (but am responsible for all tax and shipping on this order).  I understand that if I chose NOT to place the additional order, that I forfeit the credit.  I understand that I may enter into as many available Hostess clubs as desired, but each is held as a separate club and will be billed accordingly.

Signature                                                                                                                                             Date

Our Crafty Playdate                                                                                                                                                               

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