Monday, September 9, 2013

Feelin' Lucky!

Hello to all my crafty friends!  I have to tell you - I'm feelin' lucky lately... yes, I had surgery on the old (emphasizing OLD) ankle, and yes, a few snags along the way, but friends have been so kind to me, that how can I help but feel fortunate?  Last week, in addition to a good meal from one friend, I received an adorable pair of "cranky pants" sweatpants (you have no idea how well those suited me last week), and some great cards.  Today's Guest Stamper, Rita Evans, is a Playdate Playmate (one of my stampin' team), and a good friend of mine!  She is creative (although she always underestimates her own creativity), funny, and an all-around joy to stamp with!  Although I don't recognize any of the stamps or papers as Stampin' Up!, I wanted to show you this sweet card!
I love the sentiment, and if you could touch this, you'd love it too!  She has added texture to the "paint" on the brush!  How could I not smile?  Thank you so much, Rita!

One last thing... I have been having a lot of trouble with my website "feeds" lately.  I apologize if you had signed up for email updates from my website, and you have not been getting them.  I am hoping that I have fixed the problem, but it may have "dumped" you.  If you would like to continue receiving emails from this site when there are new posts, please sign up again in the right column.  Again, I apologize for the inconvenience! 

Thanks for stopping by!  Stop back tomorrow for more fun!

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