Monday, October 13, 2014

Creative Blog Hop!

Welcome to the next hop on the Creative Blog Hop!  I was so honored to be tagged by a fellow papercrafting artist, Elizabeth Volker, over at Willow Tree Papercrafting.  She is amazing and her blog is so much fun to explore!  I hope you will take a minute to check it out - then be sure to follow her blog by email - you aren't going to want to miss a thing! 

I am so excited to tell you all about myself and my creative process - I have been thinking about this post since Elizabeth told me she was going to tag me.  So let's get started:

1. What am I working on right now?

Well, like all creative types, I am always working on several projects!  A few of my friends and I just started a brand new challenge website, called The Paper Plunge, so that has been keeping me hopping lately - I do a project for that each week, and manage the posting and promoting for that...  I also do a weekly Coloring Down the Lines Blog hop every Wednesday right here on my blog, which was started by a good friend of mine, Robbie Rubala from Inkedx2, and it's purpose was to make us each get out of our color ruts (c'mon, you all know we have them) and step out of our comfort zones.  We have been doing this for about two years, and the hop has evolved into using an inspiration photo and the coordinating color pallete.  This has been a huge growth exercise for me, as an artist, and I would highly recommend that if you haven't participated in a challenge website or a hop, that you give one a try - I guarantee you will grow.

Like Elizabeth, I am throwing my very first Halloween party as a mom.  I have four young children (ages 5-13), and have decided that this would be a good year to host this, as it may be my oldest son's last Trick or Treating year.  I am using the same stamp set that Elizabeth is using, but I am making a double slider card.  Stop back here on Thursday to see how it turned out - I want to get it in the mail before I post it here.


2. How does my work differ from others in my genre?

Interesting question.  I would say that since I come from a quilting background, I think that I tend to see things in "parts".  I enjoy puzzles and making pieces fit together to make a whole.  This is probably why I enjoy punch art and 3-D projects so much.  Here is a recent punch art waterlily project I made for my weekly blog hop:

And a 3-d Fall leaf project I made awhile back - I really do love the fall colors

3. Why do I create what I do?

Honestly, I create because I must.  I find that sometimes when I get especially busy with my family, and don't have time to get down to my studio, I start getting a little rattled and tense.  One really good day in my studio and I am right back here I need to be!  Another reason I just keep going is that I LOVE to teach, and share what I know.  My classes are all taught, and not just "prepped".  I love to walk people through the process, then turn them loose to create.  I teach cardmaking each month to a phenomenal group of disabled young adults -  which is my very favorite day of the month.  Seeing people create, and have real pride in something they have made re-energizes and inspires me! 

4. How does my creative process work?

There are really a few things - first of all, I take a ton of pictures... nothing too fancy, I just use my cell phone and grab photos of everything I see that may inspire me when I sit down to craft.  For example, I went to a conservatory this past weekend, and I took these two pictures of some of the flowers I saw... I really believe that looking at flowers in the sunlight helps to teach me how to shade things when I color them with markers or watercolors later. 

Here is a card where I used what I have learned by looking at flowers in the sunlight... I colored this project using the Blendabilities markers..I think it really looks 3-D here, what do you think:

The second thing I do as a process, is "let it speak".  I may gather the colors that are required for a particular challenge, or a stamp set that I want to try, and then I really examine my collection of stuff.  sometimes I close my eyes and just let it come.  Usually if you have a group of things, you will get a feeling from it - I just go from there.  Try not forcing it - just let the stillness tell you what to make!

Now is the really fun part.  I get to tag someone else for you to watch.  I am actually tagging two people, because I just couldn't decide - I know so many amazing artists, who would inspire you to create amazing projects...  first, I am tagging Laura Lynn from La Dee Dah Day.  Laura is my hero when it comes to punch art!  She masterfully pieces projects together and creates fantastic 3-D items too.  You'll get a kick out of her work.   The second person I am tagging is a new friend (although we've never met in person), Leslie Mahon from Ink, Paper, Scissors - Stamp! I was referred to Leslie's work through another artist friend, Helen.  Helen thought I would really enjoy the infinitely readable style of her writing, as well as here love of color and textures.  She couldn't be more correct!  Leslie is a true artist, making it exciting to see what is coming next!  Be sure to check out their work all week, and don't miss their posts next Monday, to follow along on this fabulous Creative Blog Hop! 

Thanks for stopping by, and please be sure to stop back in from time to time!  I will do my best to inspire you!

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